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What Does My Workers’ Comp Company Know About Me After I File My Claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Personal Injury, Workers' Comp, Workplace Injuries |

Once you file your claim for workers’ compensation, the insurance company that handles your claim will begin to track down specific information about you. In fact, these companies can obtain a considerable amount of information about you without even contacting or questioning you. Because these companies can access your information, it is important to be careful to not provide any false or misleading information that can potentially jeopardize your claim. In this blog, we talk about what insurance companies know about you to help you better handle your workers’ compensation claim.

Witness Statements & Personal File

There are a number of things that the insurance company will do once your claim is filed. They will first attempt to contact your employer to obtain an incident report and witness statements made by your supervisors and co-workers. They will also ask for your personal file.

Witness statements will give insurers information about your accident and your injury. The statements they gather from people who witnessed your accident often contain information about our personal life, such as your hobbies, outside activities, and your family life.

Your personal file has information about your address, emergency contact information, and information about your spouse and children as well. Your personal file might also give insurers access to your previous employment history, as well as information about your attendance and the wages you earn.

Index Search

Most insurance companies subscribe to an index service to help them gather information about potential cases. An index service is a large database that insurance companies use to share information.  They can check accident claims, property claims, and other workers’ comp claims that you have filed in the past. The database will also give the insurer access to Social Security numbers, tax ID numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

Internet Search

Insurance companies will also search through your social media accounts to obtain pictures and information about you that will help private investigators locate you. They will also use your social media accounts to find out about friends or co-workers that they can interview about you. Your social media account might also contain information on your hobbies. Investigators look for activities that they can film you performing that might be used to discredit the severity of your injuries. It is important to remember that your daily activities are a major factor for determining impairment in a workers’ compensation case.  The level of your activity can determine if you are totally or temporarily disabled and what type benefits you are entitled to.

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