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Self-Closing Door on BMW Slices off Man’s Thumb

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2018 | News, Personal Injury |

A software engineer from Long Island lost his thumb after the self-closing doors on his BMW hacked it off. The man, Godwin Boateng, is now taking the auto-manufacturer to court for his injury.

According to Boateng the pain from his injury was excruciating and unbearable.After this thumb was crushed in the door of his X5 SUV, it was completely severed and began to bleed profusely. “I can’t describe it,” Boateng said. “It was excruciating. It was painful.” The doors of his BMW automatically latch.

The injury occurred as Godwin was exiting his vehicle on a busy road. Boateng was squeezed up against the door when it suddenly closed on his thumb. He said “The thumb got inside, and all of a sudden it just snapped,it snapped closed. I was just hysterical, screaming. I didn’t know what to do.”

Unfortunately, surgeons were not able to reattach the severed thumb.

According to attorneys representing Boateng, “He can’t even button his shirt. He can’t hold a plate. He can’t hold a cup normally. They had to shear the bone off. His nerves and tendons are damaged. The pain will never go away.”

Since 2002, the X5 and other BMW models have featured electric motors which pull the vehicle’s doors closed at the last quarter inch with massive force. Unlike the power windows in these vehicles, there are no sensors to prevent the locking mechanism from halting.

Boateng’s attorney argues that “There should have been some sort of mechanism to prevent somebody from having to lose a finger.” According to him, “It’s like a guillotine. That’s what it does. Once it operates, it has a mind of its own.”

Boateng has taken legal action against BMW and says, “It has to be out there. People need to know this can happen. It happened to me, and people need to be careful.”

BMW’s executive customer assistance manager, Jay Hanson, wrote to Boateng and said that there was no malfunction in the vehicle and that the automaker would not accept responsibility for the incident.

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