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What Is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Workers' Comp, Workplace Injuries |

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for ensuring employees and employers follow all guidelines and regulations in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. This acted establishes rules and regulations for dealing with job hazards and reporting violations to make workplaces safer.

The United States Department of Labor oversees OSHA and uses Compliance Safety and Health Safety officers to conduct inspections and investigate worksites for compliance violations. In fact, OSHA randomly inspects worksites in particularly hazardous industries to ensure workplace safety.

The following incidents might trigger an inspection from OSHA:

  • Workplace Deaths
  • Multiple Injuries & Hospitalizations
  • Complaints From Workers
  • Business Partner Referrals

OSHA is not required to provide employers with advance notice if they want to send compliance officers to investigate a possible workplace violation.

Is OSHA an Effective Agency?

According to statistics, OSHA has aided in increasing workplace safety. Unfortunately, OSHA is a small agency with only 2,400 inspectors and is responsible for covering over 8,000,000 workplaces.

Below are a few of the things OSHA does to help workers in the United States:

  • Educates workers about the dangers of chemical hazards by requiring employers to provide training, labels, and alarms.
  • Requires employers to provide safety training to workers, regardless of language barriers.
  • Sets recordkeeping standards for work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Conducts tests to make sure the environmental quality of a workplace is safe for employees.
  • Requires employers to provide personal protective equipment to its employees at no cost.
  • Mandates employers notify the agency of any workplace fatalities and all work-related inpatient hospitalizations.

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