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The Dangers of Carpal Tunnel

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Workers' Comp |

Workplace injuries are not always as obvious as they seem, and many individuals suffer due to the occupational conditions of their jobs. Some jobs, though not physically demanding, may put employees in the position to develop conditions or diseases due to the circumstances specifically related to the type of job or work environment. State law protects injured employees and offers workers’ compensation benefits to cover the costs associated with on-the-job injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a wrist and hand nerve disorder, most common with office workers and employees whose jobs involve repetitive hand motions, such as factory workers. It is caused by pressure on the nerves and only aggravates with overuse and time. Though it may seem harmless, carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful disorder and it can leave the victim suffering from lifelong consequences.

This biggest challenge you will face in the fight for workers’ compensation for your carpal tunnel injury is proving the injury is work-related. Every injured employee has experienced an employer attempting to prove the injury occurred offsite, though this becomes all the more of an issue for an employee suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. This is because unlike an accident, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs over time. Single events are easier to investigate, analyze, and validate. However, the insurance companies may argue your carpal tunnel syndrome resulted from other causes such as pre-existing conditions or activities you participated in outside of work.

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