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Driving negligence as a cause of bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Bicycling is a healthy way to commute through the Bay Area, but some bicycle riders suffer injuries at the hands of negligent vehicle drivers. Accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles can have devastating consequences, particularly for the bike riders who are struck by moving cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Injuries can include broken bones, serious abrasions, and spinal and brain damage. Some bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles can result in fatalities.

There are many ways that roadway accidents happen between bikes and vehicles, and many of those causes are based in the negligent driving practices of motorists. This post will explore some of the ways drivers put bicyclists in danger while sharing the roads, but readers should remember that this post does not offer any specific legal advice.

Drivers who fail to follow the rules of the road

Many accidents of all forms happen when people simply do not follow the rules. On the road, following the rules can mean many things, including:

  • Obeying the posted speed limits
  • Following roadway signage and signals
  • Using turn signals on one’s vehicle
  • Avoiding road rage and preventing emotional driving
  • Driving when rested and avoiding drunk driving
  • Limiting distractions and staying focused on road conditions

When drivers fail to follow these and other driving rules, they put themselves and others in the path of harm. Bicyclists can quickly get caught in the middle of dangerous roadway situations when drivers fail to look out for them in their blind spots or recklessly operate their vehicles without regard for the safety of others.

Steps to take after a bicycle-vehicle accident

A bicycle accident caused by a negligent vehicle driver can be painful, costly, and stressful. It can leave a victim suffering from physical wounds and emotional worry. A victim should seek medical treatment for their injuries, and this process can also help them document the extent of their losses.

When they are ready, victims of bicycle accidents can seek the counsel of personal injury attorneys. These legal professionals work with their clients to help them understand the law and make decisions about how to protect their rights. For some victims, the recovery of their damages is possible through personal injury claims. Though no outcomes can be guaranteed under the law, victims of bicycle accidents can find strong legal advocates for their cases when they seek the assistance of personal injury lawyers.