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Hospitality workers suffer a variety of injuries while working

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Workers' Comp |

The hospitality industry in California provides many jobs for people. There are hotels, restaurants, resorts, theme parks and many other businesses. People also work many different types of jobs at these various different businesses. They could be in sales, work as cooks, servers, cleaning staff and many other types of jobs. While the jobs within the industry are different, all the people working in this industry have things in common such as that they need to be healthy in order to go to work and earn their income.

There are many different ways that people can get injured though including while at work. While injuries can occur at work in many different settings, some workplace accidents are more common than others.

Common Injuries for Hospitality Workers

One common type of accident that occur at these jobs are slips and falls. There are a number of different substances or objects that can fall on the floor, especially for people working in kitchens and restaurants.

Lifting and carrying various objects can lead to injuries as well. There are many different objects that people need to lift and in some tight spaces they may need to maneuver in awkward positions while carrying objects leading to injuries.

Burns also lead to many injuries. There are many very hot objects in kitchens and other places that can cause significant injuries if workers touch them.

Cuts from using knives and other sharp objects can also lead to serious injuries for workers.

There are many hospitality workers in California who are injured on the job each year. The severity of the injuries can vary, but some injuries will result in medical treatment and force the workers to miss time at work. If this occurs, the worker may be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits to pay for the medical expenses and some of the income injured workers may lose while unable to work. It is important that workers receive the proper benefits though and experienced attorneys may be able to help ensure that happens.