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On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Workers' Comp |

While 2020 may be gone, 2021 is quickly turning into a mirror year for many employees. We understand, and we know that workplace injuries continue to happen, sometimes, frequently. For injured workers though, there are options, and we can help.

Insurance denials

Our firm knows the effect these workplace injuries have on our clients and their family. After all, when a workplace injury occurs, a family’s breadwinner is taken down. This also means that one does not have the money or time to fight a costly battle with an insurance company that inappropriately denies a workers’ compensation claim.

How can our firm help?

At the Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin, we get it. Our clients cannot work because of no fault of their own, but some faceless, unfeeling insurance representative does not seem to care. This is why it is our firm’s mission to tenaciously advocate for San Jose and California families that simply do not have the resources to fight these greedy insurance companies.

What kind of works’ compensation help is available?

Our firm has a wide breadth of experience on a broad variety of legal issues related to workers’ compensation. This includes, of course, the workers’ compensation process itself, like the initial application process. Though, it also includes death benefits for surviving family members after a fatal workplace accident, willful and serious misconduct claims, third-party negligence claims, insurance claim denials, etc.

The key takeaway is that if someone is hurt on the job or while performing a work-related duty, our firm can help. We can review the case and provide guidance on how to file and push through a workers’ compensation claim. Then, we tirelessly work toward getting our clients the maximum benefits. The San Jose, California, Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin helps workplace accident victims get the compensation they deserve.