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Riding a bicycle provides clean and effective way of transportation and exercise.  More cities and counties are creating bike zones to allow bicyclists to safely use this method of transportation.  The drawback of bicycling is that there is a greater exposure to dangerous conditions on the road.  Bicyclists can suffer severe injuries or even death in the event of a crash due to lack of protection from the outside elements.  Those outside elements are inattentive drivers, distracted drivers and road defects such as pothole, sinkhole, storm sewer grate or even work that a road crew has done or is in the process of doing.

We have been representing bicyclist and cyclist throughout the Bay Area and Northern California and made recoveries in the excess of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Whether you are every day bicyclist who likes to ride around the neighborhood or an avid cyclist, we have the experience and the understanding of the law to represent you aggressively to make sure your rights as a bicyclist are protected. If you or a loved one was involved in a bicycle accident in San Jose or any part of Bay Area, contact us today for a free consultation. Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience working on bicycle cases and we can guarantee the superior representation required to win your bicycle accident case.

Types Of Injuries From Bicycle Accidents

  • Amputation – Traumatic amputation is the loss of a part of the body such as a toe, finger, arm or leg.
  • Bone Fractures – Arms, shoulders, clavicles, wrists, hands, legs, hips and feet are all subject to fractures in bicycle accidents. More than one surgical procedure may well be required.
  • Brain Injury – A traumatic brain injury (TBI) could be a mild concussion or something as serious as skull fracture bone fragments piercing the brain that cause permanent disabilities. A severe TBI can last a lifetime or even be fatal.
  • Dental injury – Some bicycle accidents result in chipped or cracked teeth, maxilla fractures, broken mandibles or other dental injuries.
  • Facial injury – Facial trauma, or maxillofacial trauma, is an injury to the face ranging from soft tissue injuries to fractures of facial bones.
  • Fatalities – If a bicycle accident victim doesn’t survive their crash, surviving family members might be successful in bringing a wrongful death claim.
  • Hand injury – Hand injuries are common when a rider falls off or is thrown off of a bicycle. That’s because it’s an instinctive reaction for the rider to try to break their fall with their hands and arms.
  • Head injury – Even when wearing a helmet, head injuries can be devastating in a bicycle accident. Victims are often thrown over their handlebars. The head injuries that they suffer can range from scrapes and cuts to skull fractures.
  • Jaw fractures – A bicycle accident victim who suffers a fractured jaw is likely to be intermittent pain and discomfort for life.
  • Joint dislocation – Dislocations often occur when bicyclists try to break their fall or when riders come into contact with a vehicle.
  • Neck injury – Nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and vertebrae in the throat and neck can be injured in a bicycle crash.
  • Nerve Damage – Nerve damage can affect any part of the body with potentially debilitating consequences.
  • Paralysis – A bicycle wreck may result in the paralysis, or loss of the ability to move, a portion or all of the body.
  • Road Rash – Road surfaces are abrasive, and serious skin damage can result just from friction.
  • Spinal Cord injury – Damage to any part of the spinal cord often results in permanent changes to a bicyclist’s life.

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