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Compensation For Slip-And-Fall Injuries And Other Premises Accidents

In California, people who own, lease, occupy or control property may be responsible when someone is injured on that property. Specifically, the owner or another responsible party should exercise reasonable care to keep the property in reasonably safe condition.

Responsible people or organizations should also use reasonable care to discover unsafe conditions when they occur and repair, replace or warn people about risk elements, as in the following examples.

  • A hole in the ground should be marked and covered.
  • A glass door should have some method of alerting people that glass is there.
  • Broken stair railings should be repaired or replaced.

When someone is injured because of negligence in premises maintenance, an injury claim may result in a settlement or verdict to compensate the injured person.

How Did Your Slip-And-Fall Accident Happen And Who Is Responsible?

Slip-and-fall accidents very often fall within the definitions of premises liability cases. When you suffered an injury on public or private property, did the owner, landlord, property management company or occupants fail to fulfill their duties of care? Was someone’s negligence responsible for your injuries?

When Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin evaluates your case, we will look closely at issues that might determine how best to pursue compensation. We bring compassion and experience to help you recover after an injury on public or private property, such as:

  • A grocery store
  • A shopping mall
  • An office building
  • A medical clinic
  • Someone’s home
  • A parking lot
  • A hotel
  • A theater

Our experienced, compassionate personal injury lawyers and legal staff are ready to help you pursue the compensation that you need for medical care after you were injured in one of these ways:

  • A broken bone
  • A head injury
  • A spine injury

We also represent people in the San Jose area and elsewhere in Northern California who have suffered burns in explosions, been bitten by dogs, been assaulted and been injured in other ways on other people’s property.

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