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We Care About Your Recovery After A Workplace Injury To Your Leg, Knee, Foot Or Ankle.

Jobs that entail physical labor and moving around often put workers at risk of injuries to their legs, knees and feet. An injury of this type may happen through a sudden traumatic event or it may develop with repetitive motions over time.

A slip-and-fall injury, an encounter with heavy equipment and a crash on a forklift or any other vehicle are examples of one-time incidents that may cause a sprain or broken bone. Repetitive lifting of patients in a hospital or nursing home may result in gradual harm to workers’ knees. These are just a few examples of injuries to legs, knees and feet that sometimes trigger workers’ compensation claims.

What An Attorney Can Do For You

If you have been injured on the job with damage to a leg, knee, ankle or foot, we, the workers’ compensation attorneys at Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin, recommend that you request a free consultation with a lawyer to ensure that you receive all benefits that you are eligible for.

Do not count on your employer or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer to clearly explain all the benefits that should come to you. Denials, delays and early cut-off of benefits are common. A workers’ compensation lawyer on your side can also investigate to determine whether you qualify to file a third-party liability claim, in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. An injured worker who gets legal advice will often stand a greater chance at maximizing benefits from all sources.

Compassionate, Determined Advocacy For Injured Workers

You deserve all the benefits you are eligible for after an on-the-job injury to your leg, knee, ankle or foot. Explore your options in consultation with one of our attorneys. Call 408-341-6025 or email us through this website. Your needs are our priorities at Law Offices of Andrew B. Shin.

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